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Titan 1 is a high altitude balloon (HAB), sensing the earth's atmosphere and magnetic field up to a height of 35 393m.

Titan 1 consists of a helium filled latex balloon (type HAB-1500) with an attached parachute (36'' diameter) and a payload box (dimensions: 22.5x22.5x19.5cm).
The payload box holds the flight computer (Arduino Mega 2560) which logs position (GPS), pressure, temperature, humidity, luminosity, earth magnetic field, acceleration and spin, measured by a variety of sensors.
Images are captures every second with a GoPRO camcorder mounted inside the payload box.

Additional to logging the data the flight computer transmit its position (longitude, latitude, altitude) together with flight computer status information approximately every 14s with a radio module. The radio module has transmission power of 10mW and the transmission is done as Radioteletype (RTTY).

Titan 1 was launched near Slagelse, Denmark on August 21th 2015 at 11:00 UTC.

See technical characteristics and a video of the flight below.
Got curious? You can download the Flight Data Report and Design and Mission Documentation at the end of the page.

At 1:10 we jump from cloud level (~3 200m) towards reaching the peak altitude of 35 393m. Immediately the moon appears on the right and is visibile again and again. 2:05 the fragments of the bursted balloon can be seen and up it goes back to earth. 3:00 we drop down to cloud level (~3 200m) and soon after hit the ground.
Music: Highway to the Stars (Kai Engel) / CC BY-NC 4.0

Launch Team

The launch team consisted of Gianna Paterno and the Head of Mission. A special thanks goes to the Safety Inspection Department at the Danish Transport Authority and Naviair for their assistance - and to all trackers.

Flight Data

The flight data report shows the collected mission data graphically with a short analysation and discussion.

Flight Data

Size ~2.6MB

Design and Mission

The document describes all relevant elements and construction steps needed to create the HAB as well the relevant software parts.


Size ~5.6MB

Head of Mission

Emanuel Bombasaro is founder of the Titan HAB mission. He designed and constructed Titan 1.